"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


The Azerbaijan Army’s offensive operation to liberate Fizuli city continues 29 September 2020 08:52

On September 29, starting from the morning hours, the Azerbaijan Army’s offensive operation to liberate Fizuli city continues.

The territory of Dashkesan region is shelling from the territory of Armenia 29 September 2020 07:58

Armenia has committed another provocation.

Intense fighting continued during the all night - VIDEO 29 September 2020 07:56

Intense fighting continued along the entire length of the front in the night from 28 to 29 September.

Several more enemy military vehicles were destroyed - VIDEO 28 September 2020 16:58

As a result of precise strikes by Azerbaijan Army units, several more combat vehicles belonging to the Armenian armed forces were destroyed in different directions of the front.

Enemy artillery units in the Aghdara direction were hit - VIDEO 28 September 2020 15:57

Armenian armed forces artillery units that have been targeting our human settlements in the Aghdara direction were striked.

The two more enemy tanks were destroyed - VIDEO 28 September 2020 13:05

Our army continues counter-attack operations to liberate occupied territories.

Foreign military attachés and representatives of international organizations in our country were informed about the operational situation - VIDEO 28 September 2020 11:36

On September 28, foreign military attaches and representatives of international organisations accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan (UN, EU, ICRC) have been briefed by the Ministry of Defence on Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan, the situation on the frontline, counter-operations of our troops and the general operational situation.

Major General Mayis Barkhudarov: "We will fight to destroy the enemy completely" 28 September 2020 11:05

Commander of the Army Corps, Major General Mayis Barkhudarov.

Our troops are conducting a combat operation to liberate the occupied teritories - VIDEO 28 September 2020 10:44

Our military units’ combat operation aimed to defeat the enemy and liberate our lands continues.

Advantageous high grounds around Talysh village were cleared of the enemy - VIDEO 28 September 2020 09:30

A large number of enemy forces have been killedUnits of the Azerbaijan Army, moving from the high grounds and advantageous positions liberated from the Armenian armed forces, continue the counter-attack to consolidate the achieved success.