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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


Azerbaijan Air Force

The Azerbaijan Air Force is a special type of troops of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces.
Despite its establishment in 1919, it was formed as a national military institution in 1992.
Azerbaijan Higher Military Flight School started the graduation of the first national military pilots in 1997.
Nowadays, the Azerbaijan Air Force and Air Defense Troops have enriched their armament with the most modern aircraft and helicopters, and are capable of protecting the airspace of Azerbaijan with the full power.
Air Training Command of Azerbaijan Air Force
The Air Training Command of the Air Force was established according to Decree № 1689 dated May 24, 2022 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The Air Training Command of the Air Force is the management body that ensures the improvement and increase of the level of professional training of Air Force personnel and their adaptation to constantly changing and updated conditions. The Air Training Command carries out its activities in the training, retraining, internship and improvement of personnel through the Training and Educational Center of the Air Force and the Flight Training Center under its authority.
The Air Force Training and Educational Center is the main executive component of the courses and activities organized by the Air Training Command. It provides the organization and implementation of all other courses and training, except the flight training.
Flight Training Center is a center that regulates and implements the course of various high-level courses organized for the training of pilots and board technicians of the Air Force.
Courses organized at the Air Training Command and admission rules:
The Air Training Command of the Air Force organizes the following courses for the purpose of developing personnel potential, increasing and improving the level of intellectual and professional training of military personnel:
- officer training course;
- officer improvement course;
- reserve officer training course;
- warrant officer training course;
- long-term active military servicemen training course;
- young soldiers training course.
In addition to the above listed courses in the Air Training Command, combat personnel of Air Defense units and subunits are organized field training and teaching-exercise ranges for the purpose of evaluating and improving theoretical knowledge and practical skills on the training and application of combat techniques and weapons.  
Admission of candidates to courses at the Air Training Command of the Air Force takes place on the dates determined by the Defense Ministry and announced on the Ministry's official website ( During the admission, the candidates' health state, physical fitness and theoretical knowledge are assessed.