"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


Azerbaijan Army Units deliver artillery strikes on the enemy’s positions - VIDEO 30 September 2020 11:46

The Ministry of Defense addressed volunteers who want to join the fighting 30 September 2020 11:06

The success of the Azerbaijan Army in the battles against the enemy for the liberation of our lands has caused a rise in the fighting spirit of our people.

The enemy is shelling the Goranboy region 30 September 2020 10:50

A few minutes ago, the Armenian armed forces artillery units begun shelling the Ashaghi Agjakend village of Goranboy region.

Up to 2,300 enemy soldiers was killed 30 September 2020 08:33

Intense battles of the Azerbaijan Army for the liberation of the occupied lands continue.

The enemy subjected to artillery fire the city of Terter 30 September 2020 08:25

On September 30, starting at 08.00 am, units of the armed forces of Armenia subjected to artillery fire the Terter city.

The enemy's military equipment was destroyed in the direction of the Jabrayil region - VIDEO 30 September 2020 01:00

Today our units have destroyed the enemy's military equipment in the direction of the Jabrayil region of the front.

Foreign military attachés and representatives of international organizations in our country were informed about the operational situation - VIDEO 29 September 2020 22:37

On September 29, the International Military Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Defense informed the foreign military attachés accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan and representatives of international organizations in our country about the situation at the front.

Artillery units inflict crushing blow on the enemy - VIDEO 29 September 2020 16:29

Combat operations continue along the entire frontline.

One more officer of the Armenian army has been killed 29 September 2020 12:03

Spartak Kocharyan, the commander of the 13516th military unit of the 61st separate engineering regiment of the Armenian army stationed in Echmiadzin involved in hostilities in the occupied territories was killed today.

The another two more enemy tanks were destroyed - VIDEO 29 September 2020 10:15

Another two enemy tanks were destroyed by accurate fire of Azerbaijan Army units.