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state independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


10 March 2020 18:39

The troops of the Nakhchivan garrison started Command-Staff Exercises - VIDEO

Command Post Exercises were started in accordance with the “Plan for the combat coordination of the troops of Nakhchivan garrison for the 2020”.
According to the scenario of bilateral, three-stage exercises, the troops of the Nakhchivan garrison were brought into the state of combat readiness of various levels, formations and military units have been raised up by the training and combat alert and sent to concentration areas.
In the course of the exercise, conducted with the involvement of special troops, actions are being worked out to transfer control from one post to another using modern means of communication and automatic control systems, and to effectively use the flow of information exchange. The headquarters are planning defensive and offensive operations on the terrain.
During the training, the main attention was paid to the suppression of sudden attack of the enemy and increasing the professionalism of headquarters and officers in managing the interoperability between the troops in the destruction of provocative-sabotage groups.