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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


9 March 2023 12:59

The Armenian side is attempting to create fake tension in the region by shelling the Azerbaijan Army positions

Starting from 21:30 on March 8 to 04:15 on March 9, the Azerbaijan Army positions stationed on the Azerbaijani-Armenian conditional border and in the Karabakh economic region were subjected to fire 23 times.
The Armenian armed forces units from the positions in the directions of the Yukhari Shorzha, Ashaghi Shorzha, Gunashli, Azizli settlements of the Basarkechar region, Istisu settlement, and the Chambarak region using various caliber weapons periodically subjected to fire the Azerbaijan Army positions stationed in the directions of the Istisu, Zaylik, Mollabayramli, Yellija, Yukhari Ayrim of the Kalbajar region, the Astaf settlement of the Dashkasan region, the Zamanli and Goyalli settlements of the Gadabay region
Moreover, members of illegal Armenian armed detachments in the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping forces are temporarily deployed, subjected to fire the Azerbaijan Army positions stationed in the directions of the Khojavend, Lachin, Khojaly regions and the city of Shusha.
Adequate retaliatory measures have been taken by Azerbaijan Army Units in all the mentioned directions.
By systematical shelling the Azerbaijan Army positions, the Armenian armed forces are provoking the Azerbaijan Army to fire back, thereby trying to form a false opinion among the representatives of the European Union civilian mission operating on the conditional border, as well as to establish fake tension in the region.
We once again state that the military-political leadership of the official Iravan bears all responsibility for the provocations that may be committed by Armenia and their resulting in human casualties.