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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


10 November 2021 16:56

The Armenian side attempted to commit another provocation on the state border to create a military confrontation

The Armenian side once again attempted to commit a provocation on the Lachin section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.
On November 9 in the afternoon, about 60 servicemen of the Armenian armed forces on two military trucks, moving in the direction of Lake Garagol of the Lachin region, settled on the road leading to the Azerbaijan Army positions. The Armenian side used metal obstacles to block the Azerbaijan Army's path between positions on this section of the border and attempted to strengthen itself in the area in order to create a deliberate military confrontation.
The Azerbaijan Army Units stationed in this direction took immediate measures, assembling additional personnel and military equipment in the territory in the shortest time.
As a result of the taken measures about 60 Armenian servicemen were under siege, all their actions were limited, and in the morning, taking into account the request of the Russian side, the Azerbaijani servicemen allowed the Armenian servicemen to return. We state that the military provocation of the Armenian side has failed.
The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan states that if such provocations continue, the measures taken in the future will be harsh and more effectual.
 We hope that this time disgrace of the Armenian army will be a lesson learned and they will not take such provocative steps in the future.
 There are no losses among the military personnel of the Azerbaijan Army, as well as territory loss. The Azerbaijan Army Units control the operational situation.
The entire responsibility for the recent tension that occurred on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border falls on the military-political leadership of Armenia.