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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


24 February 2024 13:22

Tactical-special exercise was held with the Combined Arms Army’s Special Forces Units on “Conducting combat operations in severe cold” – VIDEO

First, at the exercises, the supplies necessary for the activities of military personnel in snowy weather and in difficult areas, the provision of various mountain equipment and food, as well as the ability of units to deploy in the area in winter conditions were checked.
Practical classes were conducted during the exercise held to improve the command staff’s knowledge and skills in professionally conducting combat operations and rescue measures, as well as unit management in severe cold.
During the practical classes, the rules for the group’s movement and covered advance in high mountain areas, movement on difficult slopes, ski group’s battle order, as well as descent from steep cliffs using mountain equipment were worked out.
Various exercises were conducted to adapt the special forces, involved in operations requiring high endurance and special skills, to the severe cold conditions.
At the tactical-special exercises, which checked military personnel's skills in performing combat missions in severe cold, special forces groups clarified the tasks on the terrain model board and performed tactical actions in the imaginary enemy’s rear. Following the assigned task, the groups assaulted the imaginary enemy’s position located on high ground.
After receiving first medical aid, the serviceman wounded during the assault actions was evacuated by the use of military vehicles designed for difficult terrain.
All the assigned tasks were fulfilled during the exercise held to improve the skills of military personnel in conducting combat operations in severe weather conditions by taking advantage of terrain features, evacuation of the wounded and skiing.