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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
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Heydar Aliyev


1 March 2022 17:50

Special-Tactical Exercises were held in the Nakhchivan garrison troops - VIDEO

According to the Combat Coordination Plan of the Nakhchivan garrison troops for 2022, Special Tactical Exercises on "Conducting combat operations in severe cold" were held. Along with Special Forces Units of the Combined Arms Army and the State Security Service of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Rescue Units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved in the exercises.
Classes were held with the units involved in the exercises in order to conduct combat and rescue operations in severe cold weather with high professionalism, to achieve coordinated activities of the management bodies in the planning of operations, to improve the knowledge and skills of the command staff.
During the exercises, the units' abilities to deploy in the area in winter conditions and equipment were checked, special attention was paid to the supply of equipment, vehicles and food for blizzard and hard-to-reach areas.
In the Tactical-Special Exercises, which tested the ability of personnel to fulfill combat missions in severe cold, the special forces performed tactical activities behind the imaginary enemy in snowy and frosty weather.
During the exercise, joint operations were carried out to ambush the enemy's military equipment and capture it. The activities of the terrorist group of the imaginary enemy, which was preparing for provocation using unfavorable weather conditions, were detected by the special units. The terrorist activities of the enemy were prevented with the help of military vehicles designed for the area difficult to reach. The leader of the terrorist group was captured alive from an enemy military column ambushed by the attack group in difficult mountainous conditions.
In the course of combat operations, searching and finding of persons affected by snowflakes in high mountainous areas and lost in snowy areas, rendering of first medical aid and evacuation were trained. During the exercises, which involved rescuers who gained experience in International Rescue courses, search-rescue and other emergency measures were carried out by means of special devices and equipment in compliance with safety rules.
Practical skills of Combined Arms Army, Units of Special Forces of the State Security Service of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, the Civil Defense Regiment  of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Special Risk Rescue Service on reconnaissance, special operations as well as search and rescue operations cariied out in different areas and climatic conditions, during day and night time were improved.
The objectives of the exercises instilling high moral  character in the spirit of courage, endurance, will and patriotism in conduct of combat, security and evacuation tasks were achieved.