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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


1 December 2022 23:12


We express regret for the disdainful attitude of the Russian Federation’s peacekeeping contingent towards our appeals.
We reiterate that the mention of settlements’ names in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan by fictitious Armenian toponyms, including the usage of the “Nagorno-Karabakh territory” expression, is INADMISSIBLE.
We call on the peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation not to use inaccurate expressions when mentioning the names of Azerbaijani territories in official information.
We remind that in the official information of the peacekeeping contingent of the Russian Federation dated 01.12.2022, published on the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the territory referred to as the “Nagorno-Karabakh territory” is the Karabakh economic region, and the official names of Azerbaijani settlements mentioned as “Mardakert”, “Martuni”, “Madagiz” and “Getavan” are AGHDARA, KHOJAVAND, SUGOVUSHAN, and GOZLUKORPU, respectively.