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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


12 November 2023 15:15

Military Oath-taking ceremonies were held in the Azerbaijan Army - VIDEO

According to the training plan for 2023 approved by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Military Oath-taking ceremonies for young soldiers were held in the Azerbaijan Army on November 12.
The ceremonies were declared open after  the Battle Flag was brought to the parade ground in accompaniment of military orchestra.
First the memory of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev, and Shehids (Martyrs), who sacrificed their lives for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, was honored with observing a minute of silence. Then the National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was performed. The young soldiers solemnly took the military oath and promised to be loyal to the Motherland.
Representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the command staff of military units as well as family members of Shehids (Martyrs), veterans, parents of soldiers, appealed to young soldiers to be loyal to the Motherland, the state and the Commander-in-Chief, to serve in an exemplary and disciplined manner, to study the secrets of weapons and equipment in depth, and to improve their combat readiness, to fulfill the orders of the commanding staff timely and accurately, to be ready for the battle at any moment to defend Azerbaijani lands.
At the end, the personnel solemnly marched in front of the podium to the sounds of a military march.