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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


11 March 2023 12:29

Information of the Ministry of Defense - VIDEO

The movement of military vehicles transporting the personnel of the Armenian armed forces units and illegal Armenian armed detachments accompanied by the Russian peacekeeping contingent along the Khankendi-Khalfali-Turshsu dirt road was once again observed by technical surveillance equipment of the Azerbaijan Army Units.
The presented video footages clearly demonstrate that the movement of military vehicles of the Armenian armed forces units and illegal Armenian armed detachments along the above-mentioned route was accompanied by a BTR-82A fighting vehicle belonging to the Russian peacekeeping contingent and that the safety of personnel transferred to combat positions was ensured.
We declare that the transportation of military cargo from Armenia to the Karabakh economic region of Azerbaijan must be stopped immediately, and illegal Armenian armed detachments must be disarmed and withdrawn from Azerbaijani territory in the shortest time.
The command of the Russian peacekeeping contingent temporarily stationed in the territory of Azerbaijan must be aware of its responsibilities in this process and fulfill assigned obligations.
Such regular illegal activities create the necessity of establishing Azerbaijani border crossing and control point at the end of the Lachin road on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border.