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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


29 November 2023 15:33

Combined Arms Army held computer-assisted Command and Staff Exercises - VIDEO

According to the combat training plan of Combined Arms Army for 2023, computer-assisted Command and Staff Exercises were held in the area and in the Simulation Center with subordinate formations and units.
At first stage of the command and staff exercises, units were brought to different levels of combat readiness, put on alert, withdrawn to assembly areas.
Based on the task received from the high command, operations planning was started and activities in accordance with the military decision-making process were carried out in order to make the optimal decision in the stationed field and stationary battle control points.
Reconnaissance readiness of the battlefield of the area where the operations are planned was conducted by the headquarters, the gravity centers of the enemy and units were determined.
Preparation of operational plans of military units, delivery of relevant orders, as well as delivery of information to units through modern technical means for unit management and destruction of detected air enemy targets were worked out.
In the course of the exercises, visual observation and aerial reconnaissance were carried out by special forces units, and the combat positions of the imaginary enemy and important facilities in the near depth were evaluated. The received intelligence information was analyzed and delivered to the headquarters of the units so that they could move quickly and accurately towards the target on the battlefield.
According to the combat order received from the higher headquarters, the tank and mechanized units carried out the task on attacking the area where the imaginary enemy is stationed. The main focus was on the capture of heights that could see the approaches of the enemy's supply routes and reserves.
The second stage of the exercises was held by executing on computers in the Simulation Center in order to observe the possibility of implementing the decisions made by the headquarters in the area, the ability of the commanders to manage their subordinate units on the battlefield, the effective use of fire-support means and the organization of comprehensive support at all stages of the battle.
At the end of the exercises, in which the goals were achieved due to the joint activity of various types of troops, the level of readiness of the headquarters in exercises the troops for combat and planning operations was highly evaluated.