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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


1 November 2023 14:49

Combined Arms Army held command-staff exercises - VIDEO

Combined Arms Army held command-staff exercises in order to improve the combat capability of headquarters and military personnel.
In accordance with the scenario, exercises started with the withdrawal of formations, units and subunits to combat areas in order to bring them to different levels of combat readiness.
At the next stage of the exercises, measures on the deployment of control points, planning of operations by the headquarters, making necessary reports for decision-making, maintaining interoperability between units and implementation of measures for the organization of comprehensive provision were taken.
The tasks of formations, units and subunits involved in practical activities were specified, and the interoperability of artillery and air defense units with the combined arms formations was worked out.
At the practical stage of the exercises, artillery units fired on enemy positions located on the front line and in-depth.
After live artillery fire, special forces were given the task on conducting an assault on combat positions and important facilities located at the imaginary enemy's frontal defense line. The special forces launched assault after inflicting strikes on enemy positions by means of drones.
During the assault, the imaginary enemy's mechanized unit moving to strengthen the defending units and suppress the attacks of our advancing units, was ambushed and destroyed by special forces.
Attacking enemy positions located in difficult mountainous terrain, special forces descended down a mountain, captured positions and destroyed enemy manpower.
At the last stage of the command-staff exercises, the reality of the made decisions and the reports were checked on computers in the Simulation Center.
At the end of the exercises, the conducted activities were analyzed. In conclusion, it was stated that the tasks set during the command-staff exercises held in accordance with the "Training plan of the Combined Arms Army for 2023" were completely accomplished, and great experience was gained in further improving the combat management skills of the commanders and headquarters.