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"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state, independence!"
Heydar Aliyev


20 September 2023 14:00

Colonel Anar Eyvazov: “An agreement has been reached to suspend local anti-terror measures” - VIDEO

On September 20, the Ministry of Defense held another briefing for media representatives.
"I bring to your attention the information so far about the local anti-terror measures carried out by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh economic region,” Chief of the Press Service of the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Anar Eyvazov said at a media briefing.
“As part of the measures, military equipment, combat positions and shelters belonging to the opposing side were neutralized. Video materials in this regard were regularly presented to the public.
As of this hour, more than 90 combat positions of the formations of Armenia’s armed forces, as well as several strategically important high grounds, have been passed under the control of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces.
Moreover, 7 military vehicles 4 mortars, 1 tank, 2 infantry fighting vehicles and a large number of weapons and ammunition belonging to the opposing side, were seized as a war trophy.
I inform you that the servicemen of the armed forces of Armenia, running out of ammunition, are leaving their combat positions in a panic. These facts are recorded in the video that we will present to you.
In the course of the anti-terror measures, the Armenian side regularly spread false information of various contents. We urge the public, members of the media and social media users to ignore the disinformation disseminated by the opposing side and refer to the official information shared by the Ministry of Defense.
In addition, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that during local anti-terror measures, some social media network accounts called on the population under the name of aiding the Azerbaijan Armed Forces. Citizens are asked for money and food by joining various aid campaigns.
The Ministry of Defense officially urges citizens not to respond to such calls. All necessary work has been carried out to strengthen the material and technical base of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces, as well as to further improve food and other supplies; the necessary measures are being implemented as planned to provide Azerbaijan Army Units in accordance with the standards and without interruptions in any conditions,” Colonel A. Eyvazov added.
Then the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan was conveyed to the participants: “The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan states that considering the appeal by the representatives of the Armenian residents living in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, conveyed by the Russian peacekeeping contingent, an agreement has been reached as of 13:00, 20 September 2023, to stop the antiterror measures under the following terms:
1. The formations of Armenia’s armed forces stationed in the Karabakh region of the Republic of Azerbaijan and illegal armed groups lay down their arms, withdraw from their battle positions and military outposts and are subjected to complete disarmament.
2. Simultaneously, all the ammunition and heavy military equipment is handed over.
3. Conducting the abovementioned process in coordination with the Russian peacekeeping contingent is ensured.”
At the end of the briefing, it was noted that the leadership of the Ministry of Defense gave the troops relevant instructions in this regard.