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Heydar Aliyev


8 January 2022 17:34

Air Defense Units of the Combined Arms Army conducted Tactical-Special Exercises – VIDEO

During the battles in the 44-day Patriotic War, the Armenian military formations, unable to resist the Azerbaijan Army, fled, throwing their military equipment, weapons and ammunition on the battlefield. The 20 mm "Zastava" anti-aircraft guns, which are among the many military trophies seized from the enemy on the battlefield by our army, were repaired and transferred into the armament. During the Tactical-Special Exercises conducted in the Air Defense Units of the Combined Arms Army, our servicemen demonstrated high professionalism and skills. 

Anti-aircraft rocket, radio technical and anti-aircraft artillery units were put on alert during the Tactical-Special Exercises on "Repelling enemy air strikes".

According to the training plan, our advancing units had to fight against imaginary enemy UAVs and aircraft.

In order to ensure the air defense of our advancing units, the air defense units of the anti-aircraft rocket, radio technical and land forces have accomplished tasks to suppress the attack of the imaginary air enemy operating in different altitude ranges.                                                                                                                       

20-mm anti-aircraft artillery installations “Zastava" on tracked military equipment MT-LB, siezed as a military trophy during the Patriotic War, destroyed the means of air attack and ground targets of the imaginary enemy.

During the Tactical-Special Exercises, actions were carried out in accordance with the instructions for conducting combat against aircraft and shooting rules, the skills of personnel to combat enemy air attack in real combat conditions were improved. All the tasks were accomplished.