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Heydar Aliyev


9 September 2021 13:45

Air Defence formations and Units of the Combined Arms Army conducted comprehensive exercises – VIDEO

Comprehensive exercises were conducted in the Air Defense formations and units of the Combined Arms Army. In order to check the vigilance and professionalism of the military personnel   Army aviation was also involved in the exercises.
The comprehensive exercises began with bringing Air Defense formations and units of the Combined Arms into a state of high combat readiness.
According to the plan, anti-aircraft missiles, radio-technical, and Land Forces were trained to prevent imaginary enemy strikes.
In order to improve the skills of commanders and combat personnel in conducting air defense combat in real combat conditions, army aviation, imitating an imaginary enemy, was involved in the exercises with practical flights.
The pilots performed complicated maneuvers to counter the influence of air defense systems.
After detecting enemy targets by means of reconnaissance of Radio-Technical Units the received information was transmitted to the command post. The combat personnel reported on the time of arrival of the aircraft on the state air border and the sequence of entry of anti-aircraft missile divisions into the destruction zone.
In accordance with the assigned task, the command post of anti-aircraft missile units carries out tasks of detection, tracking, and destruction of targets.
Combat missiles were loaded into launchers to bring the missile stocks of anti-aircraft missile systems to the established norm.
Air defense units of the Land Forces continued to carry out combat missions to detect, track and destroy the enemy operating at low and lowest altitudes.
Reserve anti-aircraft missile units deployed to designated starting positions to provide air defense of combined formations.
Depending on the combat readiness of combined formations in anti-aircraft missile troops and air defense units of the Land Forces, three-stage interoperability has been established to provide air defense of facilities and formations.
In the first stage, a unified air defense system was set up to prevent the enemy's air strikes from hitting objects and groups of troops and flying into the depths. In this case, according to the targets, the interoperability on the shootings was carried out by assembling or deploying forces.
In the second stage, the anti-aircraft missile units and the Air Defense Units of the Land Forces had fire and information exchange. The main method of interoperability in the firing was carried out by dividing the forces by sectors and altitudes.
In the third stage, information was exchanged between the anti-aircraft missile and Land Forces Air Defense Units, as they were divided into firing zones.
Thus, the units, which comprehensively train air defense in real combat conditions, have demonstrated high professionalism and skillfulness.