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Heydar Aliyev


25 May 2015 10:44

The procedure of compensation payment for unused vacation for reserve and retired servicemen

Minister of Defense Colonel General Zakir Hasanov issued a directive approving the procedures for cash recompense for servicemen who were retired to reserve or resigned from February 1, 1994 to June 12, 2010 (other than servicemen on active term duty) for unused vacation entitlement during that period's calendar years.
Under the directive, special commissions consisting of responsible officials will be set up that will handle document collection, compensation calculation and payment issues.
In order to get cash recompense for any next unused vacation entitlement, servicemen need to mail their formal request (application) via postal office to the military base or entity where they had been on duty as they retired from active duty.
Electronic version of the procedures and application for a reserve or resigned serviceman are available for download here.