"The army is a pillar of our country, nation,
state independence!"
Heydar Aliyev
Recently built military facilities have been commissioned in the liberated territories - VIDEO 22 October 2021 15:57

Military units in Nakhchivan are ready for the winter season - VIDEO 20 October 2021 19:09

Azerbaijan Special Forces continue conducting Tactical-Special Exercises - VIDEO 20 October 2021 16:43

Command-Staff Exercises started in the Lachin region 19 October 2021 10:10

Special Forces conduct Tactical-Special Exercises - VIDEO 18 October 2021 17:58

The Commander of the Land Forces is on a visit to Turkey 14 October 2021 16:30

The Commander of the Land Forces left for Istanbul 13 October 2021 16:21

A departure ceremony of the personnel of the Turkish Armed Forces participating in the "Indestructible Brotherhood-2021" exercises was held – VIDEO 11 October 2021 19:13

The leadership of the Ministry of Defense got acquainted with the process of command and staff exercises of the Naval Forces - VIDEO 11 October 2021 15:53

Azerbaijan Naval Forces to conduct command and staff exercises in accordance with the annual plan approved by the Minister of Defense 10 October 2021 10:32

The "Indestructible Brotherhood-2021" joint Azerbaijani-Turkish live fire tactical exercises continue in Nakhchivan - VIDEO 5 October 2021 19:06

Defense Ministers of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Georgia held a press conference 5 October 2021 16:43

Azerbaijan Defense Minister meets with the Turkish National Defense Minister 5 October 2021 13:36

Azerbaijan Defense Minister meets with his Georgian counterpart 5 October 2021 11:11

"Eternity-2021" Exercises started in Georgia 4 October 2021 11:32

Young soldiers completing special training courses in the Combined Arms Army have been sent to the next duty areas - VIDEO 1 October 2021 20:35